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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

You know, a week or so ago, I checked my blog before I went to bed.

 Lo and behold there was a comment. I LOVE comments, I get so excited every time I get a comment…so I open it up, and read “Not so anonymous…[real name which of course I’m not putting up here]”. I look at the name. Nope, don’t know this person.

 I read it a couple of times, trying to figure out what I think, how I feel about this.

I discuss it with my boyfriend. I email the guy (if the name “he’s” given is real) and ask where he’s coming from. I get nothing. So some dude has decided he wants to unravel the “mystery” that is, goes to a reasonable effort, then writes to let me know, but won’t engage in a conversation? I don’t really give a toss what his motivation is, I think I can say with confidence “Fuck you, you arrogant arsehole”.

For a while, every time I sat down to write I felt “odd” about it. This guy was clearly checking the “about” section once a day to see when his comment was going up. Guess what dick face? It’s not. Ever. You know what? I’ll take my chances. I don’t care all that much about my anonymity. You think my friends and family are gonna give a toss if they learn (uh-muh-ma) that I have a blog in which I swear and rant? Come to think of it, you think they’re gonna be *surprised*??

Do you think I care if strangers know? If I was that concerned I would’ve made sure I wasn’t listed. So I don’t care that much about being anonymous. But fucked if I’m going to let some little dog turd force me into posting my name on my own blog if I don’t feel like it.

So, T.B, whoever you are, whatever the fuck your caper is, whether you are in fact the artist in Michigan, moved to NSW, whether you fancy yourself all Magnum P.I, or you’re just a disgruntled de Brito fan…go fuck yourself.

You think you’re the first arrogant male to think he’s special for trying to take away a female writer’s anonymity? You think you’re going to make me live a scared little life? Stop criticising? Be quieter? Nicer to Arse-hat de Brito? No way. You are an ant in a long line of men who intimidate women to make themselves feel big. There’s nothing at all that distinguishes you in this form of behaviour.

Now, why am I using your initials rather than your name? Because my sense of ethics is not dependant on how much of a fuckwit you are. I don’t feel like it is acceptable to publish your name and give people a way to harrass you, even though you’ve been a total cock and I feel within my “rights” to do so. I still don’t think it’s a “nice” way to behave.

So for now, you can have your anonymity (that and I don’t feel like throwing any extra attention your way as free publicity for your “art”). But I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it took all of thirty seconds for my friend to find out who you are, where you live and who your ISP is. Which means that if you continue to be a pain in my arse, at least you give me a lot of information about yourself to complain with. And I am GOOD at complaining until I get my own way.

So I guess T.B that I am saying step the fuck off. Go back to your painting and shut the fuck up.


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